Monday, June 2, 2014

Moving tonight.....

No, not moving physically, just moving away from Facebook for a while.  I've actually been thinking of this for quite a while and decided that tonight was as good a time as any.  I'll continue posting homeschool specific things but I will also be posting a bit more about our day to day life.  I really do enjoy posting about the cute random things my children do and sharing with my friends on Facebook.  I realize that Facebook also zaps a lot of my time and energy throughout the day too.  My friends list has gotten really big, I downsize and then it grows again.  I'm a pretty public person so really there's no need to keep a closed friends list anyways.  We're in the phone book, my name actually comes up in a Google search and my address is considered public information because of the non-profit registration of David's Gift.  I enjoy writing and through the years I've filled probably hundreds of notebooks with stories of my day, memories that pop into my head or ideas for stories that I'd like to write one day.  Though these things may not be specifically homeschool related, they are a part of our homeschool trail because they are a part of our daily lives.  As homeschoolers, the world is our classroom.  We aren't confined by walls or rules.  I'm going to let this spill over onto this blog.  I look forward to this new "home" to share the joys and frustrations of homeschooling, foster care, being a preacher's wife and contractor's wife, as well as being the Mommy of 4 (about to be 5) crazy little ones.  I'm glad you'll be joining me!

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  1. checking to see if there was a new post. I miss hearing about you all but I know your choice is best for your family. Big hugs and prayers.