Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Simple Tie-Dye

This is an extremely simple way to tie-dye nearly anything in about 2 hours. 

You will need:  white items to be tie-dyed, a bag or two of rubber bands, a bottle of RIT dye, a cup of salt, rubber gloves, trash bags to protect surface and a sink of hot water.

    Take small sections of the fabric and twist then bunch up to make a tight ball.  Secure with rubber band.  Do this in random places on the item. 

Once you have made as many bunches as you would like.  Wad the item into a tight ball and secure with rubberbands.  You will need many rubberbands for this step. 
Fill one side of the sink with hot water, add 1 cup of salt and a bottle of RIT dye.  Put on the gloves and then drop the item into the solution.  Roll the item around a time or two and then let it sit.

It will sink on it's own after a minute or so.
Leave it soaking for an hour and then wearing gloves, remove it from the water.  Place on trash bag and remove the rubber bands.  Each item will be one-of-a-kind but will look so cute!

Wash the shirts with normal amount of detergent on cold.  Dry and wear! 
Note:  For the first few washes, you should probably wash these seperately as some dye will continue to wash out.

See how easy that was?  I made 6 shirts and a onsie today but I could see this getting to be very addictive.  I'm wanting to go back and get a few more colors and a couple of packages of white tees.  Hello, cheap Summer Wardrobe for the Kiddos!

Note:  I originally said wash on warm, as that was the instructions on the bottle.  When I washed ours, they weren't as bright anymore.  I am rewashing them on cold now and will add the photo of the dried shirts once I am done.  They still look great though!

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