Monday, August 29, 2011

And even more photos....

Rooty working with the tower.

His own tower extension.

Rooty's first time to use the tower.
This was earlier in the summer.

Baby Boy has been working
on this puzzle for weeks!!!

Rooty likes the spooning/lima bean
Baby Boy counting with the
red counters and numerals.

Rooty explores our bird cards.
My own personal extension of the
Montessori tower, using several
other towers that we have.

Rooty enjoys the hammering lesson too.

I drew the bird and Baby Boy colored it.
I will be downloading a bird unit tonight.

Rooty thinks the small knobbed
cylinders are fun.  He loves this lesson.

Sweet Friend likes our new
hammering lesson.

Rooty enjoying stickers!

Baby Boy says he doesn't need a nap
anymore but has taken one 3 of 6 days
since we've started school.

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